9-1-1 Info

9-1-1 Info

If you live in Delaware County and have an emergency that requires the fire department, ambulance, or police to respond, there is only one number you need to call. That number is:

"Delaware 911 - What is the address of your emergency?"

This is the greeting you will hear if you call 911 in Delaware County. The call taker/dispatcher will need to verify your address and phone number. Remain calm and provide the information requested by the 911 operator. You should post this information near your phone for quick and easy reference. The 911 operator will also ask you a series of questions to determine what type of emergency you have. This questioning will provide the 911 dispatcher with the needed information to get the appropriate help to you.

For medical emergencies, Delaware County utilizes and all dispatchers are trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD). Through a series of questions this system allows the dispatcher to determine what level of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response will be needed for your situation. If you need to call 911 it is extremely important you remain calm and answer all of the questions the 911 dispatcher asks. (Yelling or arguing with the 911 operator only causes a delay in getting help to you.)

These EMD trained dispatchers will also be able to provide you with instructions to help you assist someone in need prior to the ambulance arriving to the scene.

If you dial 911 in error it is very important that you stay on the phone and explain to the dispatcher the fact that you called by mistake. Hanging up before you speak with the 911 dispatcher will prompt a law enforcement response to your location. This response is only to determine whether or not there is an actual emergency. These "hang up" responses use valuable resources that might be utilized in another way.

Again, it is extremely important to know your 911 address and it is equally important to have your address displayed in a conspicuous location on your property so that emergency responders can easily find you if the need arises. Many local fire departments have reflective signs available for purchase.

For questions about the 911 system in Delaware County, please call the Delaware County Department of Emergency Services at (607)832-5600, or fill out the form below.